Abtenauer Horse ( Breed History – Characteristics)

Abtenauer horses are a small breed of horse native to the Abtenau Valley in Austria. They are considered to be a rare breed and are kept mainly by hobbyists. They are mostly kept as a hobby rather than a competitive sport, although some of them are used to race in Austria.

They are medium-sized, well-made horses that have a good temperament and are gentle. They have strong legs and can carry people and pack gear. They are used primarily for transportation purposes. They are not good for children because of their large size.

Abtenauer Horse Breed History

It is believed that the ancestors of these horses originated from wild horse populations. This particular population is known as the Abtenauer horses. These horses were bred to be very small and compact, and had a strong, sturdy frame.

These horses were used to pull carts and other vehicles in the past. It was common for Abtenauers to use their horses to transport people across Austria as they worked and traveled around the countryside.

Information on this breed is hard to find, as there is no official registry documenting them (that we could find). It is not known how many exist today. However, their bloodline is probably incredibly pure because they live in relative geographic isolation and are rarely (if ever) seen outside of the Abtenau Valley.

Abtenauer Horse
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Abtenauer Horse Overview

Weight 145 -152.4 cm
Height: 700 Kg
Color Black ,Chestnut , Roan
Lifespan 25-30 Years
Horse Price 3000-8000$
Horse Speed
Use Transport & Agriculture Work


Breed Characteristics

The Abtenauer horses are characterized by the fact that they have a thick mane and tail, and are very well-built. It is a well-known fact that the Abtenauer horses are strong and fast, which makes them a very versatile breed of horse that can be ridden by a beginner or a professional rider.

The Abtenauer horses are known for their intelligence and courage. These attributes make the Abtenauer horses ideal for the sport of eventing. The Abtenauer horses are known for their great endurance and strength, and this quality makes them ideal for cross country and eventing.

The Abtenauer horses are a very hardy breed of horses. Therefore, they are able to withstand the cold winters of Austria and the heat of the summers. The Abtenauer horses are very smart and intelligent and therefore, are excellent performers. They have a wide variety of colors, including the brown, chestnut, and chestnut roan colors. The Abtenauer horses are very easy to train, and therefore are suitable for a variety of riders.

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