Baluchi Horse Origin, History

Baluchi horse is a horse breed that originates from the Indian subcontinent, and it is the breed of Pakistan.

It was developed by crossing Arabian horses with native Pakistani horses. This horse breed is widely popular among equestrians and horse lovers.

Baluchi horse
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History of Baluchi Horse Breed

In the early years of the 20th century, some British horse owners started breeding horses with the Baluchi horses. In the early 1900s, the British equestrian community was looking for a hardy breed that could withstand harsh conditions.

The Baluchi horse breed was created by crossing Arabians and native Pakistani horses. The Baluchi horse breed was developed as hardy and sturdy breed that could withstand the harsh climate of the region.

Breed Characteristics of Baluchi Horse

The Baluchi horse breed has a large head and a wide chest. They have a short neck, broad shoulders, and a strong back. The Baluchi horse breed has a large heart girth and a small waist. Their hooves are short and strong. The breed has a large head and a short neck. They have a broad chest, broad shoulders, and a strong back. Their legs are straight, and their gait is swift and powerful.

There are three types of horses in the Baluchi breed: bay, chestnut, and gray. The horse is generally bay, chestnut, or gray.

They are small, light-boned dogs with a very short, fine head, long slender neck, strong but fine legs, and well-formed ears that curve slightly so the tips

The Baluchi breed of dog has a distinct appearance. It resembles the Indian Kathiawari breed of dog, though slightly smaller.

They’re also thought to be related to the Barb through the Malian breed known as the Beledougou or Bamba.

Due to the diluted bloodlines, horses of pure Baluchi lineage are extremely rare today.


Baluchi horses are known for their strength and endurance.

This type of animal is perfect for rodeos, team penning, and pulling carts.

  • 🐴 Weight: 1100-1200 Pounds
  • 🐴 Height: 14 hands
  • 🐴 Color: Gray, Bay, and Black
  • 🐴 Lifespan: 20-30
  • 🐴 Horse Price: Average of $800-$1200

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