Bardigiano Horse ( Breed History – Characteristics)

The Bardigiano is a breed of small horse from Emilia Romagna in Italy.It’s named after the town of Bard, in the Apennines of Parma, and is primarily associated with the surrounding area.

Being in a mountain environment and steep, rough terrain has contributed to producing a sturdy, hardy breed, agile and sure-footed over difficult ground.

There is some debate about whether the Bardigiano is ever called a horse in its home country. Some horses are over 4.

This is an animal stud book from the Associazione Provinciale Allevatori, the provincial animal breeders’ association. Studbook records for living horses show the breed is widely distributed in Italy.

Due to the relatively large numbers, the breed is not considered to be at risk of extinction but is classified as “vulnerable”.

The Bardigiano is a popular horse in many countries across the world. It’s used for farm work, competitive driving, and riding.

This is a common method used for pony trekking. In 1994, the breed standard was modified with the intention of increasing the suitability of the Bardigiano as a saddle horse while preserving its character.

Bardigiano Horse ( Breed History – Characteristics)
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History of Bardigiano Horse breed

The Bardigiano appeared to have descended from the horses ridden by the Belgian Gauls during their invasions into Italy during Roman times. This horse was also the ancestor from which the Haflinger developed.

The Bardigiano, a rural town located at an elevation of 2,800 m (9,000 ft) above sea level, has evolved to meet the harsh conditions of the mountains in the northern Apennine region of Italy.

Although there’s some relationship to the Haflinger, the breed also bears traits that are similar to the English Exmoor and Dales ponies as well as the Asturcon.

Mules were bred during World War I and World War II for military purposes, and purebred Bardigianos were among the breeds that suffered greatly.

After World War II, in a move that is now widely considered a mistake, a diverse range of horses from various breeds were introduced to re-establish the breed.

But this caused the breed to deteriorate and begin to lose its distinguishing characteristics.

In 1972, a committee was formed to establish a new kind of goat named the Bardigiano.

Characteristics of Bardigiano Horse breed

The height range for the Bardigiano is fixed at 140-149 cm for males and 135-147 cm for females; horses outside these ranges are not admitted for registration.

No, you cannot have two colors on your coat. One color is recognized, and that’s bay. Chestnut and light bays are not recognized.

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Physical characteristics of the breed include a short, medium-sized head with a slightly convex profile, wide chest, long, muscular, and well-muscled back, and overall robust appearance.

Bardigiano Horse Overview

Weight 550-660 Pounds
Height: 13.2-14.1 hands
Color bay, with dark bay
Lifespan 20-30 Years
Horse Price 2000-5000$
Horse Speed
Use extensively used for the development of mules

Why the Bardigiano Horse is One of the Most Special Breeds Around?

If you love horses, you’ve probably heard of the Bardigiano horse breed. In Italy, this particular type of horse has existed since at least the 19th century, and its reputation is still growing. The best part about Bardigiano horses? They can be found almost anywhere in the world and their ownership isn’t restricted to people from Italy or the country where they were bred. Whether you’re interested in showing your Bardigiano horse in competitions or just want to own one as a hobby, these are some of the reasons why they’re some of the most amazing horses around!

1)The Breed Today

The Bardigiano horse is a strong and elegant Italian breed that is known for its versatility. The breed is used for a variety of disciplines, including dressage, eventing, and show jumping. Today, the breed is still relatively rare outside of Italy. However, the popularity of the Bardigiano horse is growing, as more people learn about this special breed.

2)Care and Feeding

The Bardigiano horse is a special breed of horse that originates from the central Italian region of Tuscany. These horses are known for their loyalty, strength, and intelligence. They are also very beautiful animals, with long manes and tails and muscular bodies. Bardigiano horses require a lot of care and attention, but they are well worth it! They need plenty of exercise and a healthy diet in order to stay in top condition.

3)Training and Tack

The Bardigiano horse is an intelligent breed that is easy to train. They are also a versatile breed, able to be used for a variety of tasks including dressage, show jumping, and eventing. The breed is also known for its sure-footedness, making it a great choice for mountainous terrain. When it comes to tack, Bardigiano horses do best with a simple snaffle bit.



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