Camargue Horse ( Breed History – Characteristics)

The Camargue is a breed of horse native to the Camargue region of southern France. It is a primitive horse breed which was created in the 18th century by crossing Arab and French horses.

The Camargue is a rare breed of horse. It is very similar to the Spanish horse but has a different color pattern and a different head shape. The Camargue is considered a primitive horse breed which has many unique features including its long legs, long neck, and wide chest.

The Camargue horse is also known as the “mule of the marsh” because of the unique way that it can move across the marshy land of the Camargue. It can go up to five miles per hour and can run for days without water or food.

The Camargue horse is a hardy breed of horse that can withstand the harsh climate of the Camargue region. The Camargue is a primitive horse breed which was created in the 18th century by crossing Arab and French horses.

History of Camargue Horse Breed

The Camargue is an area in southern France, famous for its horses. The area was named after the Romans who came across this breed of horse there. The Romans called the horses “Campi.” The name Camargue is derived from these horses. The breed was brought to the United States in the 1800s and became a prominent breeding stock in the region.

The Camargue horses are the only native European breed to have never been crossed with another breed. They have been bred to be a hardy breed that can endure harsh weather conditions.

The Camargue Horse is a dual-purpose horse that can work in the fields and pull carts. The Camargue horse is very hardy and can withstand the climate of the region. It has a deep chest and barrel shaped body and a short back.

It has a long, thin head with a long, narrow muzzle. It has a broad forehead and small ears. Its hooves are wide and strong. It has a straight neck and well laid back shoulders.

Camargue Horse Breed

Characteristics of Camargue Horse Breed

The Camargue horse breed has a very strong physique, making it a great mount. It is very adaptable and can tolerate a wide range of temperatures. Their thick skin and hard hooves help them to survive in harsh environments.

The Camargue horse breed originated in the Camargue region in Southern France. It was originally bred for its ability to withstand the harsh climate of the Camargue region. Today, it is one of the most popular breeds for horse riding.

A Camargue horse is a crossbreed between the American Quarter Horse and the European Pony. They are sturdy, intelligent horses with a strong sense of independence. Their calm nature makes them great for beginners.


They can grow to be around 132-142 cm, which is bigger than the average horse. Their compact bodies are well-proportioned, and their heads have a good width. Their legs are straight and strong.


Camargue horses are solid colors, ranging from gray, black, bay, roan, chestnut and dun. They have light eyes, usually with dark irises and clear whites. Their coats are smooth and glossy.


Camargue horses are fast, smooth gaited horses. They move with a rhythmic, natural gait. Their speed is perfect for show jumping or trail riding.


They are calm, easygoing horses that are tolerant of other animals. They can be stubborn, however, and should not be ridden by inexperienced riders.

Quick Overview Camargue Horse Breed

Weight 350 – 500 kg
Height: 132-142 cm
Color Gray, black, bay, roan, chestnut and dun
Lifespan 20-25 years
Diet Hay , grain , dried grass and goosefoot
Country of Origin France
Common Use Work, Riding, livestock management


What Makes the Camargue Horse Special?

Camargue horses are very special. These horses are unique due to their rich history and tradition. These are the original horses of France and have been living in the Camargue since ancient times. The Camargue horses are known for their beauty, speed and strength. The Camargue horses are among the most famous breeds of horses in the world.

The Camargue horses are unique because they have a strong connection to the land and are bred for riding. These horses are known for their endurance and are used to riding for miles. They are also very quick, and they can go from walking to full gallop in less than one second.

The Camargue horses are extremely strong and have a powerful build. They have been bred to survive in the harsh environment of the Camargue. The Camargue horses have a very thick skin and a thick coat of hair. They have a hardy temperament and can endure hot weather.

The Camargue horses are highly intelligent and have a good memory. They are very sensitive and have a good sense of smell.

Camargue Horse Breed

Camargue Horse Care

A healthy horse is important for you. You must feed a horse a nutritious diet so that they can be healthy and strong. You must also provide good quality hay, water and shelter.

It is important that you keep your horse in a clean environment. It is advisable to keep your horse in a stall or in a clean and dry environment. You should also ensure that the horse has enough room to run and play around.

Owning a horse is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get exercise. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to take care of horses, here are a few tips.

Camargue Horses are hardy, athletic animals that thrive in the harsh climate of the south of France. They are a small breed of horse native to the Camargue region of France. They are well suited to the harsh conditions of the Camargue region, where they are bred to withstand the heat, humidity, and salt in the air.

They are known for their stamina and ability to work long hours. Camargue Horses are also very intelligent and can be trained to perform certain tasks.

To care for your horse, you’ll need to provide it with the right food, water, shelter, and rest.


Camargue horses eat a diet of grass and hay, with a little grain added to the feed. They also require access to fresh water. Make sure your horse has plenty of room to roam.


Camargue horses love to drink, and they will usually have several gallons of water each day. You can help your horse get the most out of its water supply by adding minerals to the water.


Horses need to be protected from the elements, and that includes protecting them from the sun. If your horse is outside all day long, it will need to have shade and shelter from rain and wind.


Camargue horses need to rest every day, and they will need time to recover from their daily routine. They should have access to shade and shelter.

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