Carolina Marsh Tacky ( Breed History – Characteristics)

A Carolina Marsh Tacky horse is a horse breed that originated in the Carolinas in the United States. It is not a true horse breed. It was originally created as a cross between a horse and a donkey to create a hardy animal for farm work. It is a small, compact horse with a high, arched neck. It has a short head and a long, straight mane.

It has a stocky body and legs and a broad back. It has a white belly, chest, and legs. The coat is sandy colored with a darker mane and tail. The temperament of a Carolina Marsh Tacky horse is good. It is easy to ride and can be ridden all day without tiring. It is very affectionate and gentle and will respond well to training.

History of Carolina Marsh Tacky Horse 

Tacky horse or Carolina marsh horse is a wild horse found in North Carolina. It is one of the most interesting animals in the state. The Carolina marsh horse is a member of Equus caballus family and has a genetic relationship with horses. The horse is the smallest native equine species. Tacky horse is a species of feral horse found in coastal plain areas of North Carolina. The species was first described in the 1930s by scientists from the U.S. Forest Service.

The name of the species comes from the fact that the horse looks similar to a horse-sized water beetle known as a Tacky. The name “tacky” comes from the beetle’s shiny, metallic-green exoskeleton. The insect’s name comes from the Latin word tackere meaning to catch. In the 1930s, scientists working in the coastal plain of North Carolina noticed that some of the beetles were found dead near roads and other open spaces. This suggested that the horses had been hit by cars.

Breed registry

The Carolina Marsh Tucky Registry is maintained by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy Pedigree Registry. The studbook was closed in 2010, but it is still possible to register outside horses if they meet all the requirements.

Carolina Marsh Tacky Horse
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Carolina Marsh Tacky Horse

The Carolina Marsh Tacky horse is a beautiful and unique horse breed. They are very friendly, patient, and gentle. They are known for being very easy going and easy to work with. The Carolina Marsh Tacky Horse is a small horse breed. They have short legs and a long neck. They are known for their soft hair coat and gentle temperament.

They have a high energy level and are excellent trail horses. They are great for beginner riders. The Carolina Marsh Tacky Horse is a small horse that is very cute. This horse has a great temperament and can adapt to almost any situation. This horse is an excellent pony for children and adults alike. The horse is very smart and can learn tricks quickly.


Tacky horses are usually medium-sized breeds. They are typically between 142 -147 cm tall and weigh between 340-363 kg.


The colors of this horse include brown, black, grey, cream, fawn and white.


The movement of a tacky horse is fluid and free-flowing. They have good balance and have a strong, smooth gait. Tacky horses are well suited to agility and dressage competitions.


This horse has a good temperament and can adapt to almost any situation. The horse can be calm or playful. The horse is very intelligent and can learn tricks quickly. Tacky horses are gentle and friendly. They are generally docile and responsive to training.

Quick Overview Carolina Marsh Tacky Horse

Other names Marsh Tacky
Weight 340-363 kg
Height: 142 -147 cm
Color Brown, black, grey, cream, fawn and white
Lifespan 30  Years
Diet Hay, grain, Grass
Country of Origin United States of America
Common Use endurance riding, hunting Jumping, traditional events

Carolina Marsh Tacky

What makes Carolina Marsh Tacky different from other takies?

It has a larger headdress, which is made up of a crest, a tuft of hair on the forehead and a hood of hair over the eyes. It also has a longer neck than other takies, which is due to a unique genetic mutation. Carolina Marsh Tacky is a very rare species, so it is important to protect it and its habitat. The conservation efforts of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Nature Conservancy have helped to increase the number of takies in the wild.

What Makes the Carolina Marsh Tacky Special?

The Carolina Marsh Tacky Horse is an event held each year in North Carolina that celebrates the history of the sport of Equestrianism. This event is held in two locations. The first one is the Carolina Marsh Tacky Horse Festival held in Wilmington, NC. The second is the Carolina Marsh Tacky Horse Parade held in Raleigh, NC. This event is a big deal because it is one of the biggest shows in the country.

The Carolina Marsh Tacky Horse Festival

This is a great opportunity for riders to compete in the show ring. The festival also has a wide variety of events for everyone to enjoy. The festival offers classes for all levels of riders. There are classes for the beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert.

For beginners, there is a beginners’ clinic. The clinic will help riders learn about the basics of the sport of equestrianism. It will give them tips on how to hold the reins and saddle correctly. It will also teach them how to mount and dismount their horses. Once a rider gets comfortable riding in the clinic, they will be able to take the next step by participating in a beginner clinic.

These clinics are similar to the one offered in the beginning. The only difference is that they will be taught the basics of jumping. Riders will be taught how to jump on a straight line and a circle. They will also be taught how to set up their horse for jumping. The rider will be taught how to get on their horse and how to ride their horse properly.

For intermediate riders, there will be clinics for teaching them how to lead their horse. They will learn how to control their horse and how to communicate with their horse. For advanced riders, there will be clinics for teaching them how to dressage their horse.

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