Characteristics Of A War Horse

A war horse was typically strong, heavy, fast, and athletic. They were the most valuable assets in any army. In the Middle Ages, war horses were considered much more valuable than many other military assets, including knights or even castles (well, most of the time).

While there were many different roles that war horses played in battle, they were all selected and trained with one thing in mind: winning battles.

They would charge into enemy lines without any regard for their own safety, but this wasn’t necessarily because they had an aggressive attitude or anything like that – it was because that was their role in battle.

War horses were some of the most important animals on the medieval battlefield, and they didn’t just have to be able to outrun an enemy knight in order to be valuable.

They also had to have the proper temperament for such a chaotic environment, and those characteristics make up what we consider today to be one of the four classic breeds of war horse, which are as follows

The True Characteristics of a War Horse – And Why They Matter

A warhorse could be any breed or type of horse that was powerful enough to go into battle. They were also intelligent enough to obey their rider’s commands and strong enough to endure the ride without injury, both physically and mentally. Additionally, they had to show great endurance and fortitude throughout every situation they faced, whether it was in combat or on the long journey home after a conflict had been settled. With these traits, horses made excellent war horses during ancient times and are an important part of many countries’ history today.

1) Greed

One of the most important characteristics of war horses is their greed. The best horses are always hungry and will work hard to please their masters.

This characteristic is crucial for the battlefield and everyday use. Horses that are greedy for food but not so much for attention or anything else will do the best job in any situation because they are constantly looking for ways to get food. This hunger can be used to train the horse as well.

2) Ability to Listen

A horse’s ability to listen is one of the most important characteristics for them to be successful in its role as a military warhorse.

Horses that can’t follow commands or pay attention to their rider will likely be killed in battle, as they are more likely to put themselves and their rider in danger.

The best horses were intelligent enough to know when they needed to move out of the way and go around an object in order to stay safe.

These animals also had excellent hearing so they could hear orders coming from their rider.

3) Openness

In order to be considered a war horse, the animal should have certain characteristics. To me, the most important trait is fairness. If a horse has never been in battle, it does not seem fair to send him into battle without giving him time to learn and grow.

It would also seem unfair that all other horses have had the opportunity to train and grow while this one was left behind. I think he deserves an equal chance at being brave for his country.

Finally, if you were going to put your life on the line, you would want a partner who was willing to fight with you side-by-side instead of someone who hides from danger or runs away from it.

In addition, horses must be healthy before they can serve as good war horses. You cannot go into battle with any type of illness because there is no way for them to get better during those times.

4) Fairness

War horses are usually bred for size and strength, not speed or agility.

And while they were bred to be strong enough to carry a soldier into battle, their small size also makes them easy to care for in the field.

In fact, military horses were often left with peasants in the countryside during wartime so that they could be fed and cared for without taking up space on an army’s wagons.

As long as they were given adequate food, water, and shelter (sometimes given by other animals), these horses would survive well on their own.

5) A Willingness to Work Hard

A warhorse needs to be willing to work hard for its human. This is the quality that separates them from animals, and it’s the one trait that all war horses share. These horses don’t just want to do things for you they want to please you.

The desire to make their humans happy is what gives these animals the drive they need to excel in any and every endeavor. In battle, this will be their fierce determination and courage; in training, this will mean getting up each day eager to learn something new.

6) An Ability to Handle Stress

A warhorse must be able to handle stress. This can mean getting thrown off balance and righting themselves, or knowing when to take a break and get some water.

A warhorse should also be calm in the face of artillery, gunfire, or other loud noises. That’s why it is important that they are exposed to these sounds before being put into service.

There are specific steps one needs to go through before training a war horse as well as teaching them commands, conditioning them physically and mentally, grooming their hair with coconut oil for shine and protection from heat, and showing them how to load onto an airplane for transport overseas (including tying their lead rope correctly), and more.

7) Physical Fitness

A warhorse has to be able to handle stress. These can be stressful situations such as being in an unfamiliar environment or even just the pressure of carrying their rider into battle.

A warhorse has to be able to remain cool and collected under pressure. Stressful situations are always unpredictable so it’s important that they have the ability to stay calm. It is also important for them to have enough physical fitness so that they don’t tire out too quickly when carrying their rider into battle.

If these two qualities are met then it will make for a strong, reliable war horse that will not shy away from the dangers ahead.

8) Expertise in an area

A true war horse is not just any horse. It’s the one who has been battle-tested time and time again with success. The one that has proven they have what it takes to win. The one who won’t back down or give up when the going gets tough.

The one who can take anything you throw at them and come out victorious, even when all seems lost. Those are the traits that make a true war horse.

That’s why if you want to be successful in business or in life, your best bet is to find a partner who fits this description. With an expert at your side, it will be much easier to navigate these difficult times.

Final Thoughts

War horses are the epitome of what it means to be brave and loyal. The traits that make them great military animals also make them great pets.

The key is to find a horse with the right personality for you because not all horses are cut out for war. For example, if you’re looking for a pet that can compete in dressage or jumper competitions as well as be your new best friend on trail rides and cross-country excursions, then don’t go for one of those big, heavy draft horses (although they’re amazing).

A lighter-weight horse with some good Thoroughbred or Arabian bloodlines will suit your purposes much better. You should also consider where the horse comes from; an imported Arab might have a different temperament than one bred locally in America.

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