Do Horses Know When They Are Going To Die ?

Horses are such intelligent animals, but do they know when their time has come? It has been debated whether or not horses have the instinct to know when they are dying.

On one hand, you have owners claiming that their horses seemed to know they were dying, while on the other you have the vets who are skeptical that horses have any ability to understand their impending death.

I believe that there is some truth to both sides of this debate and will examine both sides so we can have a more informed discussion on the subject of whether or not horses know when they are going to die.

Do Horses Know When They Are Going To Die?

It has been debated whether or not animals can sense the coming of death, but what we do know is that mammals have increased awareness and heightened activity in the last moments of life.

Some people believe that this means that animals are aware of their own mortality, but others think it just means there’s a lot going on during those final moments before death.

Regardless of which theory you subscribe to, it’s interesting to think about how different creatures react differently to impending death and how we might be able to learn from them.

Does A Horse Always Act Strangely Before It Dies?

According to research, while many horses act strangely before they die and some may even stop eating, there is no one specific behavior that can tell you a horse’s time on earth has come. But there are a few things you might notice.

If the horse begins to sleep more often or becomes less active than normal, it could be a sign. A change in the way the horse drinks water may also be an indicator that it knows its days are numbered. Horses tend to drink very little water at a time as they are near death because of stomach problems caused by stress.

It’s not uncommon for them to leave food untouched as well. You may also see changes in the horse’s droppings, which will become dark and tarry looking with clumps of hair mixed in; this is due to increased stress hormones being released into their system as they near death.

A Possible Explanation For ‘Going Off

This comes down to an animal with a predator instinct. We often see in the wild that animals will act differently before they die, and this might be because of a sense of self-preservation or because their body knows that it can no longer sustain itself.

Horses are prey animals, so it’s possible that the same instincts apply to them as well. For some reason, just like humans, they may simply be able to tell when something is wrong.

Do Horse Deaths Ever ‘Come Out Of Nowhere?

Many people wonder if horses have some sort of sixth sense that tells them when their time has come. The answer isn’t clear-cut, but it appears there may be a few factors at play.

At the end of the day, it really comes down to the individual animal and how it was raised. Horses have been known to die suddenly or even commit suicide out of grief after a loss, so clearly, something triggers the event in some cases.

On the other hand, there are animals who seem completely unfazed by impending death. The final decision ultimately rests on what we decide we want our horses to think about death – as many believe this last point will impact both ourselves and our horses for eternity.

How Long Do Horses Have Before Their Time Is Up?

Horses can often sense the approach of death and may experience physical symptoms such as a loss of appetite. Their behavior may also change, with some going into a state of depression. If you see your horse exhibiting these signs, you should contact your veterinarian to find out what the cause might be.

A blood test or x-ray could provide insight into the matter.

The vet will ask if there are any other changes in your horse’s routine that could have caused it – for example, has it moved to a new environment or had any sudden changes in a feed? Once these factors have been taken into account, treatment can begin.

In most cases this consists of antibiotics that will kill off any infections present in the body; other options include surgery if there are tumors that need removing.

Are There Any Other Clues A Horse Gives When It Knows Its Time Has Come?

A horse will often refuse food and water in the days leading up to its death, turn away from its friends, hide from other horses, and can become aggressive. For some horses, this may be because of a change in the weather or an injury that has left them in pain. However, for many other horses, it seems as though they’re just waiting for their time to come.


Some people say that horses have a built-in warning system that enables them to prepare for death.

There are many stories of horses who sense that something is wrong and start acting abnormally before suddenly dying from whatever was causing the abnormal behavior.

Others, on the other hand, believe that these behaviors are merely signs of old age or illness which can sometimes lead to an early death. In most cases it’s impossible to tell if there was an underlying cause because, like humans, we cannot really tell what’s going on inside another creature’s mind or body.

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