Where To Go Horseback Riding Kauai

For people who enjoy horseback riding on a daily basis, a horseback riding Kauai can be an essential piece of equipment in order to enjoy a pleasurable experience. It is essential to keep your horse in a safe and comfortable environment.

Horseback riding in kauai is designed to provide a comfortable environment for both the rider and the horse. If you want to make your horse comfortable, you need to make sure that your horse is fed, groomed, and exercised properly. It is also important to have a stable and safe place for your horse to stay.

This is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, as you will have the opportunity to ride through various landscapes. When you are riding, you will be able to see the beautiful sights and experience the fresh air. You can ride at various places like the beach, the mountains, and the prairie.

You can also bring along your friends and family to enjoy this experience with you. You can also take your horse to the beach and spend time relaxing together. This is a great activity to do with your family and friends.

Best places for Horseback Riding In Kauai

I have reviewed the best horseback riding kauai that can provide comfort, safety, and stability to your horse. These products are made with high-quality materials that are durable and reliable.

1.CJM Country Stables

Country Stables Kauai offers horseback riding in the country of Kauai. This is a very relaxing activity that you should try out if you are looking for something that will take you back to your childhood days.

Horseback riding in Kauai is the perfect way to explore the stunning landscapes of the Hawaiian Islands. Whether you want to ride on a beach, in a national park, or in a private plantation, the horses at CJM Country Stables are ready to take you where you want to go.

Kauai’s rugged landscapes are a perfect setting for horseback riding. Whether you want to experience a leisurely ride along a beach or through lush tropical rainforests, CJM Country Stables has the right horses and the right guides to help you have a memorable experience.

CJM Country Stables is a place where you can enjoy horseback riding in a peaceful environment. CJM Country Stables provides an excellent service to their customers. They have a team of professionals who will help you in planning the most suitable package for you and your family.


  • Phone: (808) 742-6096
  • Address: Koloa, HI 96756
  • Appointment required
  • Website: https://www.cjmstables.com

What can you enjoy in CJM Country Stables?

At CJM Country Stables, you can enjoy horseback riding in a beautiful natural environment. CJM Country Stables offers various packages that will let you enjoy the best experience.

Trail Ride

CJM Country Stables offers trail rides that are a great opportunity to explore the beautiful surroundings. You can ride in a group or you can ride on your own.


Camp is a special program that CJM Country Stables offers. You can enjoy horseback riding in a beautiful camp where you can relax and enjoy nature.


CJM Country Stables offers various types of lessons that will help you to learn the basics of horseback riding.


CJM Country Stables offers various packages that will help you enjoy horseback riding at the best possible rate.

CJM Country Stables
Image source: CJM Country Stables

2. Silver Falls Ranch

Silver Falls Ranch is located just south of the town of Kapaa in the beautiful island of Kauai. It offers horseback riding lessons for all ages and skill levels, including children. The ranch has two main areas, one for beginners and another for more advanced riders.

The beginner area is perfect for those who are just learning how to ride and would like to see what it’s like to ride a horse. There are a few different lesson options offered here, including private lessons, group lessons and riding lessons. Private lessons can be scheduled for an hour or a half-hour and are held at the ranch, while group lessons can be scheduled for a half-day or full-day. Riding lessons are available for groups of 8 or 12 students.

The advanced rider area is perfect for those who already have experience riding horses and would like to continue practicing. Here, you can take advantage of the stable’s facilities and enjoy a guided trail ride around the property. The trails can be ridden at a leisurely pace, and they have a few different options for riders of varying skill levels. Riders can ride in a group or choose to ride solo.


  • Hours: 8AM–5PM
  • Phone: (808) 828-6718
  • Address: 2888 Kamookoa Rd, Kilauea, HI 96754
  • Website: https://fareharbor.com/

Silver Falls Ranch

3. Princeville Ranch

Kauai horseback riding in Princeville Ranch is a unique experience for those who are looking for a relaxing day out. This horseback riding excursion takes you through the lush green landscape of Princeville Ranch. The ranch is located in the beautiful Hawaiian mountains, and it offers a number of activities for visitors. The ranch has three distinct trails that take you through the different sections of the ranch. The trails are suitable for all ages and abilities.

If you would like to go horseback riding on Kauai, you should make sure that you have booked the right tour. The tour takes place in the Princeville Ranch, and you can choose between a one-hour or two-hour horseback ride. The one-hour tour is good for beginners, while the two-hour tour is more suitable for intermediate riders.

The tour takes place on a group of horses, and the guides will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. You will be provided with a helmet, a safety vest, and a water bottle. If you would like to go on the Kauai horseback riding tour, you should book early. The tour is only available for a limited period of time, and the demand for it is high.


  • Hours: 8AM–5PM
  • Phone: (808) 855-0064
  • Address: 5-3900 Kuhio Hwy, Princeville, HI 96722
  • Website: https://princevilleranch.com/

Princeville Ranch

4. Esprit De Corps Riding Academy

Horseback riding is a great way to enjoy the beauty of Kauai. The island has miles of trails that you can explore, and if you don’t have your own horse you can hire one at an affordable rate.

Esprit de Corps Riding Academy offers horseback riding lessons on Kauai. The academy offers private and group horseback riding lessons, as well as horse boarding. You can book lessons for a half day, day, week, or month, and the academy will take care of all of the details.

They offer lessons for all ages and skill levels. The academy is open year-round, and lessons are offered seven days a week, including holidays. If you want to book lessons for your family or friends, the academy can set up private lesson packages.

Horseback Riding Kauai

If you are looking for the best horse riding experience, look no further than Kauai. Kauai offers some of the most beautiful scenery and experiences for horseback riding. Horseback riding is a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of Kauai, but there are many other reasons to enjoy horseback riding in Kauai.

Why Should You Ride a Horse in Kauai?

Horseback riding in Kauai offers a unique opportunity to explore the island’s natural beauty. You can ride through the jungle and over the mountains, through the rainforest and along the coast. The island has so much to offer for horseback riders. The trails on the north and east coasts are open to the public, and there are many places to ride in the interior.

The trails are well-maintained and well-marked, so you can safely enjoy the island’s natural beauty. Horseback riding in Kauai is a wonderful way to explore the island’s wildlife and scenery. If you want to see the island’s native animals, you can visit the Waimea Valley Zoo. You can also ride through the jungle and see Kauai’s native birds.

Horses are great companions. They can be a great source of exercise, fun, and relaxation. If you don’t have a horse to ride, you can rent a horse in Hawaii, but if you want to enjoy a horse all around the island, then you need to go to the country.

One of the most beautiful places to ride a horse is Kauai. It is located in the center of the island and offers amazing views. It is a perfect place to ride a horse and take pictures, and you can enjoy the views and get away from the crowds that are usually found in Hawaii.

What Makes Kauai Special

Kauai is a small island, so you will have a lot of privacy. There are only about 50,000 people living on the island, so you won’t feel like you are in the middle of a city. When you are riding a horse, you will be able to see the ocean and the mountains, and you will get to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Riding a horse in Kauai is something that everyone should experience at least once. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of nature and get to enjoy the company of a horse.

You don’t have to travel across the globe to enjoy Kauai’s special places. All you need is a car, a couple of friends and a willingness to explore and discover. There are a wide range of activities to choose from that will make your trip even more exciting.

When you visit Kauai, you’ll notice that it has some unique places to explore. There are many things you can do here, including hiking, biking, snorkeling, kayaking, horseback riding and many more. It’s not only a great place for tourists, but also for locals who want to spend some quality time with their families.

Beach Bums

If you love the beach, Kauai has plenty of beaches for you to explore. Some of these beaches are Waimea Bay, Hanalei Bay, Anahola Beach, Poipu Beach and Kilauea. These beaches are perfect for relaxing.

What Makes Kauai Special
Image Source: travelocity.com

Surfers Paradise

If you like surfing, there are plenty of spots where you can ride the waves. Some of these spots are Kalapaki Beach, Makua Beach and Kapaa Beach. If you are not comfortable surfing, you can always hire a local to teach you.


Kauai has a rich history. If you want to experience this history, you need to go to the various museums in the island. Some of the museums include the Dole Plantation Museum, Hawaiian Historical Society and the Liliuokalani Gardens.

Here are some of the most interesting places you can explore on Kauai.

Haleakala National Park

This park is located in the island of Oahu, but you can reach it easily via the North Shore. You’ll find the park on the slopes of the volcano Haleakala. It is known for its magnificent views and amazing hiking trails.

If you want to explore the park, you can take advantage of a guided hike that will allow you to see the wonders of the park.

Keawe Point

One of the most popular spots in Kauai is Keawe Point. It’s a beautiful spot where you can enjoy the view of the sunset while enjoying a cocktail or a cup of coffee.

The area is known for its peaceful atmosphere and breathtaking views. The best part is that you don’t have to drive to get there. You can reach it by simply taking a ferry.

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